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How to Prepare to Ride an Electric Bike on Snowy Roads

When snow covers the roads and your favorite trails, you don’t need to put your e-bike away. From dressing in the right clothing to choosing a fat tire electric bike, there are several ways to safely enjoy riding through the snow. Wear Proper Attire for Riding...

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Road safety plays a very important role in today’s world. With a number of vehicles and electric bikes coming up each year, it is nothing but crucial that all necessary precautions be taken while using these vehicles. The government has formulated several rules and...

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Why Travel with a Folding Electric Fat Bike?

Electric bikes offer many conveniences compared to standard bikes. With an e-bike, you can give your legs a rest and enjoy leisurely trips around town. However, some of the latest designs offer even more convenience. With a folding electric bike, you have more options...

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Best Uses for a Fat Tire Electric Trike at Home

An electric trike is great for traveling on rough terrain. The extra wheel provides more stability, while the electric motor makes the trip easier on your legs. However, an electric trike is also useful when you are at home. Between trips to the mountains, woods, or...

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Seven Uses of Folding Fat Bikes

Folding fat bikes can be folded and carried just about anywhere. If you are considering getting a fat bike, you should explore the uses of a folding version. 1. Take Your Fat Bike on a Hike A folding fat bike is easy to take on a hike. When folded, you can carry it...

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Everything You Need to Know About E-Tricycles

E-tricycles are becoming more popular in the cities, thanks to their convenience and ease of use. An e-trike may even provide the perfect replacement for your automobile or standard bicycle as your primary mode of transportation. What Is an E-Tricycle? An e-tricycle...

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Top Reasons to Ride an E-Bike on Dirt Roads

Riding a bike is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. You get fresh air while avoiding the hassle of regular vehicular traffic. However, when cycling on a dirt road, you may experience a few inconveniences. As you cycle over dirt roads, your bicycle can kick up dirt,...

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