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Riding an Electric Bike during winter

Riding an electric bike during the cold months of the winter season has its own thrill and excitement. Now that we have advanced technology, and of course, warmer clothing, it becomes hard to resist the challenge of taking your E-Bike out for a ride. Here are a few...

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Preparation Tips for Electric Bike Riding in Wintertime

Riding an electric bike in the winter brings additional dangers. You need to worry about slick terrain, limited visibility, and damp conditions. From riding at slower speeds to switching to a fat tire electric bike, here are a few preparation tips for safely riding an...

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A little bit about fat tires

Bikes have been around for decades now, and their evolution has created different types of bikes, including Electric bikes. Like other means of transportation, there are different types of bikes that are used for different terrains. The fat tire electric bike has...

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How to maintain proper care of your ebike?

E bikes can now be seen everywhere, and its no wonder why; electric bikes help people beat traffic, get to where they need quickly, and not have to rely on gas. Like other means of transportation, bikes need to be taken care off to last. So, if you have an e bike,...

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Top reasons to ride a fat tire electric bike in nature

Fat tire electric bikes are known to be a great way to move around in the urban surrounding.  The long lasting battery that allow covering long distances and the fat tires that allow a good grip on the asphalt road. There is no doubt about these advantages. But what...

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Fat tire electric bike for every day use

E-bikes have become one of the most popular means of transportation in the 21st century; The emission-free, no-effort bikes allow riders to get around town easily and get to where they need to be without having to worry about traffic. To make things even easier, the...

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E-Bike Riding in the Summer

The 21st century can be nicknamed " the green century" with people all over the world becoming more aware of their impact on the environment. The green revolution is evident in streets and pavements that are now laced with the beloved e-bikes. Considering the benefits...

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